Perfectflow Refill System Benefits

High Return on Investment for the Manufacturer – Up to 49%

  • Increase after-tax net income up to 20% for participating products.
  • Reduce your packaging, transportation, handling, and inventory costs up to 65%.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint up to 33% and increase your sustainability scores up to 68%.
  • Heighten brand recognition.
  • Enhance brand loyalty by providing better service at a higher value to the consumer.
  • Full product control from the factory to the point of application with the sealed Refill System.
  • Sell preservative-free products using the sealed Refill System.
  • Highly flexible and powerful cross-selling opportunities when your customer is in front of your company’s new Refill Station.
  • Minimum advertising costs to introduce consumers to refilling by using side-by-side placement of traditional and Refill Bottles.
  • Add new products on the shelf without removing any of your current products.
PerfectFlow Refill Station

Capture New Customers

The Refill Station is a tremendous in-house selling aid, drawing new customers as they watch your existing customers engage in the quick and easy refill process. It can be fully customized with video screens to offer your new products.

An Engaged Customer Is A Repeat Customer

Your customer is attracted by the novelty and clean appearance of your Refill Station. She becomes motivated to purchase your product in order to participate in the refilling process. During the process of refilling her Refill Bottle, she is engaged with your product as she has been with no other. She will remember this experience and be excited to return to refill her original Refill Bottle as well as purchase other refillable products in your line.

A Feel-Good Experience for the Consumer

Using the PerfectFlow Refill System provides a positive, hands-on experience for your customers, knowing they are helping make the world a better place for their children. Consumers will feel good about making earth-friendly choices – and share those positive feelings toward your company! This, in turn, fosters and delivers impactful public relations messaging for your company.

Perfectflow Refill System has myriad benefits for the consumer as well as manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

Your customers will be excited and attracted by all the many different incentives the PerfectFlow Refill System enables you to offer.

  • Customers can receive instant coupon incentives to purchase the products they love. They receive a refill incentive because they’re not paying each time for:
  • A disposable container
  • A disposable package for their disposable container
  • Shipping and packaging material for disposable package
  • Transportation costs for disposable package
  • Handling costs for disposable package
  • Inventory costs for disposable package
  • Wasted residual fluids they can never purge from their containers
  • Start a “PerfectFlow Club” that provides discounts according to the number of times a customer refills their product.
  • The Refill Station can be customized with helpful video screens showing refill instructions and up-to-date information about your other products.
Zero Waste Trash

Your Retailers Benefit From Refill Technology

In addition to the higher traffic generated by the unique Refill Station, the retailer has a number of significant benefits: