How it Works

Using the Refill StationTM with Detergents

In the Video:

First, your customer inserts and removes her credit card. Then, she places her Refill Bottle into the refill chamber where it is bathed in a cleansing, blue UV light. She pushes the red button… the Refill Station does the rest.

During these few moments of interaction, the Refill Station:

  • Reads the Refill Bottle’s embedded codes, ensuring the correct product is dispensed into the bottle.
  • Weighs the Refill Bottle to determine the amount of product in the Bottle at the start.
  • Fills the Refill Bottle with the exact amount of the desired product in just a few seconds.
  • Alerts the customer when the refill process is complete!
  • Charges the customer’s credit card and issues a receipt, along with coupons for discounts on her next refill and special offers for other products in your refill program.
  • Your customer is quickly on her way. The helpful video screen displays step-by-step refill instructions, making your customer’s experience quick and easy.

Refilling the Refill StationTM

Refill Cartridges, very similar to the Refill Bottles, are housed inside the Refill Station, and they too are all refillable! A Refill Station using Refill Cartridges can dispense up to 36,000 refills of the same or different products. Refill Stations can be designed to use either a single cartridge or multiple cartridges, depending on the number of products participating in the refill program. For Refill Bottles greater than 100 ml, Refill IBCs are plumbed from the store’s back room to the Refill Station.

All Refill Stations include wireless communication for:

  • Inventory monitoring
  • Near-empty notification
  • Coupon creation
  • Cross-selling video selection

Inside the Refill Bottle and the Refill Cartridge

An internal “boat” acts like a piston, pushing fluid out when the nozzle is depressed.

When the Refill Bottle or Refill Cartridge is refilled, the boat is pushed back down, and the Refill Bottle or Refill Cartridge is ready again to dispense fluid.

Each Refill Bottle and Refill Cartridge contains an inert gas which will last for its useful life. This gas is the motive force to dispense fluid. Each PerfectFlow Refill Bottle and Refill Cartridge is embedded with a wireless device. These wireless devices communicate with the Refill Station. They ensure that only the right amount of the right fluid goes into a Refill Bottle. They also allow the Refill Station to send “time to refill” and other information to an inventory management system.

PerfectFlow Bottle Inside